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Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & Biotechnology Companies

  • Strategic Market Entry: Plan early access strategies and alternative access methods, craft comprehensive strategies for successful execution and market entry.
  • Pricing & Reimbursement Support: Optimize pricing strategies and navigate reimbursement complexities. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure smooth regulatory processes from idea conception to market access.
  • Early Payer Engagement: Studies for early alignment with payer expectations. Value Dossiers & Health Economics Models: Implement through local affiliates for effective communication.
  • Real-World Data Analysis: Harness real-world data for evidence-based decision-making. Advisory Board Support: Provide strategic guidance through advisory board collaboration.
  • Orphan Drug Strategies: Develop specialized strategies for orphan drugs, considering unique market dynamics, and manage Orphan Designation process under EMA.
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Governmental Organizations (e.g., Ministries)

  • Health System Strengthening: Strategically enhance health systems for improved access.
  • Policy Development: Collaborate on policy development for effective healthcare outcomes.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Foster partnerships to drive innovation and access the healthcare landscape. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure adherence to regulations in healthcare initiatives.
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Consulting Firms

  • Comprehensive Support: Extending specialized support for consulting firms seeking to enhance their project capabilities.
  • Synergistic Collaboration: Creating synergies by combining the strengths of consulting firms with our unique expertise.
  • Seamless Integration: Ensuring seamless integration into ongoing consultancy projects, contributing to successful outcomes. Innovative Solutions: Collaborating on innovative solutions, enriching the consulting firms’ service offerings.
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NGOs (e.g., Patient Organizations)

  • Patient-Centric Approaches: Developing strategies to ensure patient access and support.
  • Advocacy Support: Empowering patient organizations with effective advocacy strategies.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Collaborating on campaigns to raise awareness about healthcare issues.
  • Societal Support Projects: Conducting projects to support societal needs and patient engagement.
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Academic Institutions

  • Capacity Building: Provide training programmes to enhance research capabilities.
  • Research Collaboration: Foster partnerships between academia and industry for impactful research.
  • Publication Support: Assistance in publishing research findings for wider dissemination.
  • Grant Proposal Assistance: Expertise in crafting successful grant proposals.
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Researchers, Research Organizations and R&D Departments/Centres

  • Market Research Support: Collaborate on projects for in-depth market understanding.
  • Grant Proposal Assistance: Provide expertise in crafting successful grant proposals.
  • Publication and Dissemination: Support in publishing and disseminating research outcomes.
  • Data-driven Decision Support: Offer insights for evidence-based decision-making.
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UN Agencies (e.g., WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA)

  • Global Health Strategies: Collaborate on global health strategies and initiatives.
  • Technical Assistance: Provide specialized support aligned with global health priorities.
  • Outsourced Project Support: Offer expertise and support for projects outsourced by UN agencies, ensuring successful execution.
  • Data-driven Decision Support: Provide insights for evidence-based decision-making.
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Funding Bodies (e.g., TÜBITAK, TÜSEB, USAID, World Bank, EU)

  • Strategic Investments Guidance: Provide strategic guidance for impactful investments in healthcare initiatives.
  • Project Collaboration: Collaborate on specific projects declared or initiated by funding bodies.
  • Expert Insights: Offer expert insights within the context of funded projects, contributing to their success.
  • Strategic Planning: Collaborate on strategic planning for sustainable health outcomes within the scope of funded projects.
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Students and Professionals

  • ECONiX Academy: Tailored courses for individual capacity building in health economics and outcomes research.
  • Skill Development Programmes: Enhance skills in market access, policy, and research.
  • Career Advancement Support: Provide resources and guidance for career growth in healthcare.
  • Internship Opportunities: Deep learning in market access and health economics & outcomes research.
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The market access strategy needs to start as early as early access programs!


  • Product profile
  • Competitive environment
  • Market dynamics
  • Pricing & reimbursement of competitors
  • Target Population

Secondary research:

  • Literature search
  • Treatment guidelines

Market Access Processes:

  • P&R process
  • HTA Review
  • Mapping and understanding of country-specific pricing and reimbursement processes requirements
  • MA current trends in each country
  • Define critical success factors to achieve successful market access

Payer research: 

  • Interview guide
  • KOLs & payers interviews
  • Analysis & consolidation of findings


  • Achievable / optimal price per country
  • Possible scenarios
  • Launch sequence
  • International price referencing
  • National price referencing

Value dossier preparation including:

  • Systematic literature researches, meta analysis, etc.
  • Modeling, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility analysis
  • Budget impact analysis


  • Price strategy
  • Actions & data to support pricing & market access
  • Poster & article preparation
  • Application assessment



  • Cost Analysis of Management of Cardiovascular Disease Comorbidities in Turkey
  • Analysis of Gene and Cell Therapies Policies in European Countries
  • Cost Effectiveness of Rivaroxaban for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation Patients for TTR and CHADS2 Score in Turkey
  • Analysis of Psychotropic Medications Prescriptions in Turkey
  • Incidence of Unlicensed and Off-Label Prescription in the Treatment of Urological Cancers in Turkey: Assessment of Legislative and Regulatory Policy


  • PGI25 Clinic and Economic Analysis for Diagnisis and Treatment of Difficult Bile Duct Stones with Singel Operator Cholangiiscopy in Turkey
  • PCV48 Cost Effectiveness of Rivaroxaban in Coronary Artery Disease and/or Peripheral Artery Disease for 5 Differen Patient SUB-GROUPS in Turkey
  • PMS32 Cost Minimization Analysis of Zentius for the Treatment of Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiency in Turkey
  • PCN301 Patient Access to Personalized Oncology Medicines in TURKEY
  • PNS188 Analysis of Market Access Agreements in Turkey
  • PCV75 Cost Analysis of Complications with Coronary Artery Disease or Peripheral Artery Disease in Turkey
  • PND32 Cost-Efectiveness and Budget Impact of Vagus Nerve Stimulation with Aspire sr Model 106 Compared to Anti-Epileptic Drugs in a Subgroup of Patients with Drug Resistant Epilepsy in Public Setting in Turkey
  • PSY33 HTA Review of Decisions for Products Indicated in the Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and Lupus Nephritis (N) in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Turkey
  • PNS159 Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcome Studies in Turkey: ISPOR Database Search
  • PBI42 Analysis of Gene and Cell Therapies Policies in European Countrie
  • PCV61 Cost Effectiveness of Rivaroxaban for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation Patients for TTR and CHADS2 Score in Turkey
  • PCV94 Cost Effectiveness of Rivaroxaban for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation Patients for TTR and CHADS2 Score in Lithuania
  • PRO75 Patient Access to Orphan Medicines in Turkey



  • Sosyoekonomik Durumun Diyabet ile İlişkisi ve Diyabete Etkisinin İncelenmesi
  • COVID-19 Tanı Yöntemleri̇ne Bakış: Hızlı Si̇stemati̇k İnceleme
  • Health Policies About Gene & Cell Therapies in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Turkey
  • A Market Research Of Obesity And Bariatric Surgery In Turkey And Tunisia
  • Efficacy and Safety of PD-1/PD-l1 inhibitors Used in the Treatment of Patients with Advanced and Metastatic Melanoma-A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis


  • PIN54 Economic IMPACT of Use of Preventive 1000 MG/Day Vitamin C in FLU Season Depending on a Decision Tree MODEL for Turkey
  • PIN27 Economic IMPACT of Use of Preventive 1000 MG/Day Vitamin C in FLU Season Depending on Markov a MODEL for Turkey
  • PIN53 Cost of Productivity Loss of Common Cold and FLU in Turkey
  • PCN198 Access Status of Oncology Medicines Depending on Genetic Profiling in Turkey
  • PSS6 Loss of Productivity Due to Visual Impairment in Turkey
  • PRO49 Cost-Consequences Analysis of Current and Upcoming Hemophilia-a Treatments in Turkey
  • PNS97 The TREND of Health Economics and Outcome Studies from Turkey Published in Ispor
  • PNS83 Analysis of Market Access Agreements in Turkey
  • PMH28 Antidepressant Consumption in Turkey between 2015-2017: Panel DATA Analysis
  • PIN56 Cost of COVID-19 Patients Treatment in Turkey
  • PIN8 A MODEL for Estimation of Possible COVID-19 Patient Numbers in Turkey
  • PMU15 Comparison of Clinical and Economical Outcomes of Alternative Imaging Methods in Turkey
  • PDB55 Analysis of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery for Turkey
  • PCN155 Comparison of Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Gadoxetic-Acid and Extracellular Contrast Agent Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Contrast Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Liver Metastasis



  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis of the Triclip™ Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair System in Patients with Tricuspid Regurgitation (Yayın aşamasında)
  • Analysis of Patient Access to Orphan Drugs in Turkey
  • Determining the Impact of Vitamin C Use with the Common Cold on Loss of Labour and Medical Treatment Costs for Turkey
  • Changes in Catastrophic Health Expenditures Depending on Health Policies in Turkey
  • Accelerated Globalization and Its Impact to the World's Health Care Achievement



  • Antidepressant use in Turkey by provinces: panel data analysis.
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Triclip™ Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair System in Patients with Tricuspid Regurgitation.
  • Gene and Cell Therapies Overview Under The Light of Health Economics.


ECONiX 2022 Yılı İlaç Dönemsel Sabit Avro Kuru Beklenti Anketi 2021 Yılı Türkiye'de İlaçların Uluslararası Referans Fiyatlandırma Analizi 2021 Yılı Türkiye’de Kamu Sağlık Sigortası Harcamalarının Değerlendirilmesi 2010 - 2021 Yılları Arası Türkiye İlaç Geri Çekme Analizi GERÇEK YAŞAM VERİLERİ İLE TÜRKİYE DÜŞÜK EJEKSİYON FRAKSİYONLU KALP YETERSİZLİĞİ HASTALIK MALİYETİ HEART FAILURE WITH REDUCED EJECTION FRACTION COST IN TURKEY WITH REAL WORLD DATA POSSIBLE IMPACT OF BIDEN ADMINISTRATION`S PHARMACEUTICAL POLICIES ON TURKEY Türkiye Yüksek Öğretim Kurumu Verileri İle Tıp Fakülteleri İnceleme Raporu 2007-2021 Yılları Arasında Türkiye İlaç Pazarında Yaşanan Değişimlerin İncelenmesi HIV / AIDS Dünya ve Türkiye Değerlendirmesi SAĞLIK SEKTÖRÜNDE ÜRETİM MALİYETLERİNİ ETKİLEYEN MAL VE HİZMET FİYATLARINDA YAŞANAN DEĞİŞİMLERİN İNCELENMESİ