About ECONiX

As ECONiX Research, we provide customized research services focused on market access, health economics and outcome research, medical affairs, and business development for healthcare companies.
Our specialized research services are designed to serve clients in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Western Asia, with offices located in Estonia, Tunisia, and Turkiye. Through our research, we aim to help healthcare companies gain a deeper understanding of the unique market access, pricing, reimbursement regulatory and cultural environments of these regions and make informed decisions about their business strategies.
Our motto, “Build Knowledge, Secure Access,” reflects our commitment to providing the knowledge and insights to healthcare companies need to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and secure access to new markets.


“Depending on the needs for market access, it could be said that marketing means being in love with the products, but market access means the marriage.”

Kockaya et al. 2017